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Step by Step Vinyl Application Instructions

Dry Method

* Read all of our directions first *

Clean the surface well to avoid dust and oil under the vinyl.

If your car is well waxed, the vinyl will remove easier
when it comes time to redo or replace your graphics.

Without removing the backing,
place decal exactly in the position it is to be located.

Tape everything temporarily into place with masking tape,
using small tabs.  Long items will need two tabs of tape.

Step back to see how it looks.
Once applied,
it cannot be repositioned.

Measure twice
to assure accuracy,
measure from the flat areas
on numbers and letters.

Apply a piece of masking
tape across the entire top edge,
to make a hinge.
Long strips of vinyl can be
sliced or cut vertically
after having been taped
into place.  This makes
the next step easier.
Fold the decal back along the tape hinge.

* Remove the backing, revealing the sticky side.

CAUTION: Do Not allow the decal to fall freely on the suface.

** Hold the decal away from the surface.

With a squeegee
(plastic spatula, bondo applicator ...)
carefully begin squeegeeing down the top 1 to 2 inches
along the top edge. Work from the hinge down,
squeegee down and out over the remaining decal area,
be careful not to trap any air bubbles behind the vinyl.
Remove the transfer tape
by slowly peeling it back
from the decal.

The decal will remain 
in place if it has been
firmly applied.

If any air bubbles appear,
puncture with a pin and
squeeze the area to flatten
the bubbles.

Tiny bubbles will
dissappear over time
with the heat of the sun.

If you have any questions, comments, etc ... please e-mail.